Ah, the joy of sad piano… Melodical writes for Channel 4

channel4One of Melodical’s recent collabo’s, and a moment of keeping it “in the family” – Brother Mayor on keys and composing duties, has been picked up by Channel 4 for use in programming. Exciting! The track met a fairly broad brief, somewhere between wistful, cinematic and the quirkiness that is a-bit-Charlie-Kaufman.
Check out what we’re calling “Mezzanine”:


A cold October afternoon honing some tv production briefs lead rather unexpectedly to this little runaway, a twee-meets-bossa-humdown we’re called “Indie Acapulco”. Alex decided this one might have a use one day though quite what we don’t yet know! It’s got a positive air, a go-get rhythm and a (hopefully) sweet little attitude.
All together now “da-da-da-da dum dum…”

Melodical writers on the daytime trail…

Melodical writers have recently contributed various tracks to KPM musichouse – producing some cool and pulsing instrumentals for KPM’s ever-growing library of high quality production music that has that something-a-little-different about it. TV music with a bit of out-to-lunch thinking and a sprinkle of daytime day-glo. (We can’t play any samples here as they now belong to KPM but we’re chuffed none the less!)

Australian department store buzz…: video update

[singlepic id=9 w=80 h=79 float=left]Melodical were approached for the sync rights to use “Bumble Bee (Albelha)” by Piney Gir and the Age of Reason, in a late 2008 tv campaign for classy Australian department store chain, Myer.
The song is a tuneful bossa nova, a breezy quirky tune perfect for the campaign.

Listen to the song here:

We don’t have a copy of the advert yet (still searching for that!) but here’s the video for the song:

Creamy cover for major skincare brand

[singlepic id=12 w=80 h=80 float=left]Unlikely cover versions are perfect for adverts, they jolt the viewer with the element of surprise, and by re-styling the musical genre, you can bring out new meanings in the lyrics, perfect for an ambitious ad campaign.

In a commissioned pitch for a major skincare brand, Melodical team covered this well-known 90s surf-dude rock hit, bringing out the delicate, flesh-coloured tones.

Give it a listen below:

Spreading the love

[singlepic id=11 w=80 h=80 float=left]In Feb 2010, Melodical was approached to pitch 2 variations for a major global margarine brand. One track is entirely performed on marimba the other is a combination of folk and neo-Afrobeat elements.

Give them a listen below!

A cocoa pitch…

mmm....chocolateA pitch requested by a major chocolate brand. The advert storyboard knew that people take time out of their day for chocolate and were tying in some sponsorship with a free-books campaign. Melodical took a fairytale-folk direction and wrote a little song to capture this perfectly: