Creamy cover for major skincare brand

[singlepic id=12 w=80 h=80 float=left]Unlikely cover versions are perfect for adverts, they jolt the viewer with the element of surprise, and by re-styling the musical genre, you can bring out new meanings in the lyrics, perfect for an ambitious ad campaign.

In a commissioned pitch for a major skincare brand, Melodical team covered this well-known 90s surf-dude rock hit, bringing out the delicate, flesh-coloured tones.

Give it a listen below:

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welcome to melodical!Welcome to Melodical!
Thanks, we’re very excited to be here, at our fancy new web address.
So what are we about? Intelligently channelling your brand values into music that lingers with your audience, that’s what.

With diverse backgrounds in pop, folk, jazz, rock, electronica and classical, the Melodical team combines a shared obsession for making tunes with great stylistic diversity. It’s music for commercial uses, but made with true hearts and broad minds.

We’ll be using this site to post examples of our work, pitches we’ve been asked to create and much more …