Melodical goes boating… (and writes some tv friendly pop)

[singlepic id=19 w=240 float=left]With a brief on the desk marked “lady-vocalled contemporary pop stylings” Alex pulled together a new Melodical live-band lineup, starring Anna Robinson of “The Rejection” on singing duties and Matthew “The Machine Gunners” Grist on drums. Two ditties emerged… “Sailor Girl” and “Summer Sun”. And now you can hear them too…


A cold October afternoon honing some tv production briefs lead rather unexpectedly to this little runaway, a twee-meets-bossa-humdown we’re called “Indie Acapulco”. Alex decided this one might have a use one day though quite what we don’t yet know! It’s got a positive air, a go-get rhythm and a (hopefully) sweet little attitude.
All together now “da-da-da-da dum dum…”

Spreading the love

[singlepic id=11 w=80 h=80 float=left]In Feb 2010, Melodical was approached to pitch 2 variations for a major global margarine brand. One track is entirely performed on marimba the other is a combination of folk and neo-Afrobeat elements.

Give them a listen below!

A cocoa pitch…

mmm....chocolateA pitch requested by a major chocolate brand. The advert storyboard knew that people take time out of their day for chocolate and were tying in some sponsorship with a free-books campaign. Melodical took a fairytale-folk direction and wrote a little song to capture this perfectly:

Calling occupants of modern cars…

Melodical were asked to pitch a cover of a rather singular pop single from the 1970s for Lincoln Automobile… And so, time-warped back into the future from World Contact Day, we give you The Carpenters’ “Calling occupants of interplanetary craft”.

The campaign also featured Cat Power covering Space Oddity.