Grab yourself a butchers…

butchers-scoringhouseMelodical team were well chuffed to learn last night that one of our compositions for the nice people at Scoring House/West One Music is now being used to advertise Butcher’s Pet Care. Indeed the music is also part of their sponsorship of that evergreen classic “You’ve been framed!”.

You can hear the track from the album “Delectable Eclectica” right here. The song in the ad is called “Whistling Worker” Scoring House.

Australian department store buzz…: video update

[singlepic id=9 w=80 h=79 float=left]Melodical were approached for the sync rights to use “Bumble Bee (Albelha)” by Piney Gir and the Age of Reason, in a late 2008 tv campaign for classy Australian department store chain, Myer.
The song is a tuneful bossa nova, a breezy quirky tune perfect for the campaign.

Listen to the song here:

We don’t have a copy of the advert yet (still searching for that!) but here’s the video for the song:

Spreading the love

[singlepic id=11 w=80 h=80 float=left]In Feb 2010, Melodical was approached to pitch 2 variations for a major global margarine brand. One track is entirely performed on marimba the other is a combination of folk and neo-Afrobeat elements.

Give them a listen below!

A cocoa pitch…

mmm....chocolateA pitch requested by a major chocolate brand. The advert storyboard knew that people take time out of their day for chocolate and were tying in some sponsorship with a free-books campaign. Melodical took a fairytale-folk direction and wrote a little song to capture this perfectly:

Calling occupants of modern cars…

Melodical were asked to pitch a cover of a rather singular pop single from the 1970s for Lincoln Automobile… And so, time-warped back into the future from World Contact Day, we give you The Carpenters’ “Calling occupants of interplanetary craft”.

The campaign also featured Cat Power covering Space Oddity.