Grab yourself a butchers…

butchers-scoringhouseMelodical team were well chuffed to learn last night that one of our compositions for the nice people at Scoring House/West One Music is now being used to advertise Butcher’s Pet Care. Indeed the music is also part of their sponsorship of that evergreen classic “You’ve been framed!”.

You can hear the track from the album “Delectable Eclectica” right here. The song in the ad is called “Whistling Worker” Scoring House.

Audiobook: Albert’s Frozen Head – by Nick Tucker


Nick Tucker, writer and photographer

Another new departure for Melodical – the first episode of a drama by Nick Tucker. We decided its first person diary structure was perfect for a radio/audiobook-style production. Working with a fantastic reader in Gareth Williams, Alex from Melodical added music and a small amount of sound effects where the script would benefit from them. This is audio-book style rather than full dramatisation of course. But anyway, to the text in hand…

Henry is just another suburban dad but one whose daily routine is somewhat different from  most others. And is his growing paranoia just a reflection of the presence of a working cryogenics unit in the basement, or are plots really taking shape just beyond the front door?

The full story continues here in blog form:

New production music album for The Scoring House!

tsh56-scoringhouseMelodical’s team of writers were excited to be given the chance to write a whole album for The Scoring House during 2012. Here’s it being mastered ;-) Working under the name The Haberdashery Sessions, Angela, Oli, Garo and Alex have produced a truly refreshing pop, folk, soundtrack, and country-tinged compilation, called, quite rightly, “Delectable Eclectica”.

You can listen to the album here: thescoringhouse.

Papercasting: Travis Elborough’s “London Bridge in America”

travis-310A new departure for Melodical on this project: one we call “papercasting”. The brief was to create a short promo piece for an upcoming book by author Travis Elborough (left). Rather than just reading sections of it out we went in a different direction: write a short dramatic scene based on a key part of the book and get actors in to bring it to life, add in music from the period and then work with the author on a short first person presentation of the book’s key themes and content, recorded in situ under London Bridge.

The result is a format or approach that could help bring any number of non-fiction books to life, particularly in the post-Kindle era when readers have access to all sorts of multimedia experiences whilst they research what to read. Read our full article here.

What does your brand sound like?

At Melodical we’ve been thinking about this for while. How do companies want to sound? How should their visuals and textual brand elements come to life in the wonderful world of song? We can work with you to create a brand sonic or audio elements for events/web/presentations that are based on a sound understanding of everything your organisation is about. Music’s mood-setting powers are well known and inestimable. That’s why music/sounds/idents represent the addition of a sophisticated new dimension to your brand and, if deployed thoughtfully, can add much to your interactions with customers and clients.

Here are some examples of our approach in action. It would be too easy to create sounds for well-known existing brands, so we’ve invented our own companies to create context. Enjoy!

Melodical goes boating… (and writes some tv friendly pop)

[singlepic id=19 w=240 float=left]With a brief on the desk marked “lady-vocalled contemporary pop stylings” Alex pulled together a new Melodical live-band lineup, starring Anna Robinson of “The Rejection” on singing duties and Matthew “The Machine Gunners” Grist on drums. Two ditties emerged… “Sailor Girl” and “Summer Sun”. And now you can hear them too…